Rental Property Tax Deductions

Maximise Your Refund

You Can Claim Within the Year

Rental Property Tax Deductions

Real estate owners or landlords can get the rental property tax deductions of the entire amount of their leased expenses against their profits and other income receivables, like business income, salary, and wages, among many others when their leasing properties are in negative gearing.

Expenses That You Can Claim Within the Year

Property owners can only claim the costs of the expenses spent on their respective rental properties only when they incur the fees and when tenants don’t pay for them. These are the standard information that you need to know for your future tax deductions while building an investment property.

Expenses that landlords or owners are authorized to claim for an immediate deduction within the income year incurred include the following list:

Water charges

Repairs and maintenance


Legal expenses


Interest costs

Interest Costs

An investment property tax deductions example is the interest costs deduction. It means that a landlord can claim for a rebate or cutback of the interest charged to an applied loan for real estate property purchase. Nevertheless, the said property should get rented or legitimately available for renting within the income year when claiming a deduction.

What Are You Eligible to Claim?

While you can claim for deductions on particular expenses for actively rented properties, there are also interest costs that you are not entitled to a rebate or cutback.

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What Deductions Can You Claim For Legal Expenses?

While you can claim certain legal costs deductions, there are several exceptions to the rule. Here are a few of the legal expenses that you can’t file a claim for income tax deductions.

Other than that, you can claim the investment property tax deductions stamp duty if you are under the ACT and within the current year that you incur the cost.

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